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The basis for organic gardening is healthy soil, rich in organic matter. Soil is not just there to hold up your plants. It is the system by which the plant is fed and watered. All plants require different nutrients and different water requirements, and the soil, along with the many microbes, insects and worms, provide the plants with their respective requirements. Without a healthy soil the plant does not get what it needs. Find more about corner log cabin at this www.ilikelogcabins.com

Your soil is healthy when it is teeming with life. The greatest biodiversity on earth should be occurring in the top few inches of the soil. If there are worms and insects that you can see you know that it also has many, many microbes and organisms. They are all part of the cycle that provides the soil with food and in turn, the plant. The more bugs the better.

Let’s turn the cycle back to Mother Nature and feed the soil and let the soil feed the plants.

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